Cottonwood Ranch - O'Neil Basin - Wells Nevada
Provided Annually in the Early Summer
$1000 per person

This clinic will be structured toward learning and improving the skills needed to work on or travel in a wilderness area comfortably and safely with livestock.

Explore the Jarbidge Wilderness
The Jarbidge Mountains form the highest concentration of peaks over 10,000 feet in Nevada and they are magnificent!

Guide and Packing Clinic


LOCATION: Cottonwood Ranch

  • Ground Work
  • Knots, Hitches
  • Starting a young packhorse
  • Choosing right livestock and equipment for a commercial pack trip

DAY 2 thru 5

LOCATION: Pack in Jarbidge Wilderness and setup our main base camp

  • The basic "set-up" of camp
  • Packing, sawbuck, and decker systems
  • Choosing and setting up camp gear
  • Horsemanship
  • Tending livestock in camp
  • Meals-Dutch oven cooking
  • Planning meals