Deer Hunts

Our Premium High Country pack-in Mule Deer Hunts are second to none. We have good numers of adult aged bucks measuring 20" to 26" wide and scoring average around 160 B&C points. We take a few bucks every year considerably bigger, measuring 27" to 34" wide and scoring 180 to 210 B&C points.

The older these bucks get the tougher they are to harvest. They are a great challenge. If your up to it so are we.

If you are not a resident of Nevada and want to hunt Mule Deer in Northeastern Nevada, we have RESTRICTED NON-RESIDENT GUIDED HUNT APPLICATIONS, more commonly referred to as Guide Tags. This is a draw tag, but draw odds are greatly improved. You can apply for party tags, but each person must complete an application. Hunt dates run from early October to early November depending on the hunt unit. We receive these applications in February each year the the APPLICATION DEADLINE IS EARLY MARCH, draw results are available by the end of March. The application must be co-signed by the Masterguide, if you draw a tag you must hunt with the Guide Service. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or email and let us know you want a guide tag application and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number so we can send an application to you as soon as we receive them. NOTE: You must have a deposit in to recieve an application. See our Prices page for additional information.

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Elk Hunts

Elk have now become a premiere animal in Nevada. Our herd is growing at an unbelievable rate. Bulls are being harvested in upwards of 350 pts. B&C score, with the possibility of a close to 400 score bull.

Our season is during the peak of the rut, September thru November.

The Elk hunt is difficult to draw, but if you are lucky enough to draw it, then you will be in for the hunt of a lifetime. These Nevada bulls have a great gene pool. We have good knowledge of where these bulls call home and the bugling is fantastic. In 2004 and 2005 we had two govener's tag holders harvest bulls scoreing in the high 390s.

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Mt. Lion Hunts

Hunting Mountain Lion is an exciting sport and our top notch houndsman are experienced and tireless hunters who will insure you a fine hunt.

Hunts are conducted using hounds. Snow conditions dictate the cat hunts. If hunters can be flexible and come when the conditions are perfect success is more likely.

Weapon: Rifle or Archery
Area: Area 7 Northeast Nevada
Dates: November thru February
Number of days: 5
Number of hunters: 1
Hunter/Guide Ration: 1:1

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Antelope-Bighorn Sheep, Upland Game Hunts

The antelope hunts are 3 days.. We have some great bucks too choose from.

The hunts are spot and stock with several opportunities per day.

We have some great sheep in several different units and would be happy to help any way we can.

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Varmint Hunts

We are a full service guide operation and stay with our hunters for the entire hunt.

NOTE: A license is not required to hunt varmints in Nevada.

Our coyote hunts are either calling or spot and stalk type. Our guides use the finest optics for spotting and shot calling. We will be moving repeatedly to provide most shots and assisting you in locating targets and estimating range. Long range and precision shooters are very welcome. April, May and June are our best months for rock chucks and squirrels. January, February and March are the best for coyotes. We suggest target knobs on your optics so we can dial the target in. The old hold over method is not as successful.

We also have Wyoming Prairie Dog hunts. Ask About us about them!

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