Price List

8 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $6,000
5 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $5,400
3 Day Fully Guided Mule Deer (2on1) $3,100
One to One Hunts are an additional $1,000
6 Day Fully Guided Bull Elk (1on1) $8,300
3 Day (2 on 1) $4,700
Cow Hunt per day(10% discount for multiple days or hunters) $1,100
6 Day Sheep
5 Day Mountain Lion
   2nd Lion
3 Day Antelope $2,750
Predator & Varmint
    Per Day

Drop Camp
    Per Person


Pack Out Fees
    Pack Out Per Deer
    Pack Out Per Elk

*Depending on time and equipment required

$400 & up
$800 & up

Non-Hunting Guest (per day) $325

Nevada's hunting remains one of the finest opportunities in the west. There permit process is a little bit complicated and it takes commitment on both parts, but it is well worth it. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Blain Jackson - Home: (208) 852-1111 CELL: (435) 770-8092

Nathan Jackson (208) 851-1067

License Fees
(Not Included in Price of Hunt)

License Resident Non-Resident
Hunting License $24 $142
Deer Tag $25 $240
Elk Tag $100 $1,200
Antelope Tag $50 $300
Mountain Lion Tag $26 $101
Big Horn Sheep Tag $100 $1,200
Guide Tags *   approx. $425

Season Opening Date Change Every Year

Archery Elk Aug 30
General Elk Rifle Oct. 22
Archery Deer Aug 1
Deer Oct 4
Sheep Sept 1
Late Elk Nov 20

On all hunts plan to arrive the day before your hunt begins, and depart the day after it ends. All hunts include ground transportation, experienced guides & meals.

Not included are: deer license and tags.

  • No hunt held without a deposit
  • 25% of hunt cost is required to book a hunt.
  • * If you are NOT A RESIDENT of Nevada and want to hunt Mule Deer in Northeastern Nevada, we have RESTRICTED NON-RESIDENT GUIDED HUNT APPLICATIONS, more commonly referred to as Guide Tags. This is a draw tag, but draw odds are greatly improved. You can apply for party tags, but each person must complete an application. Hunt dates run from early October to early November depending on the hunt unit. Total applicant fees are approximately $425.00, which includes tag fee, license fee and appication fee. We receive these applications in February each year and the APPLICATION DEADLINE IS EARLY MARCH, draw results are available by the end of March. The application must be co-signed by the Masterguide, if you draw a tag you must hunt with the Guide Service. If you are interested, please contact us by February. Phone: Cell: (435) 770-8092 or Home: (208) 852-1111 or email, let us know you want a guide tag application and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number so we can send an application to you as soon as we receive them. All correspondence and deposits: please mail to Blain Jackson 1222 W 4800 S Preston, ID 83263. NOTE: You must have a deposit in to receive an application.