Premium high country hunts in Northeastern Nevada!


The Ultimate Experience in a Sportsman's Paradise!

We are located between Jackpot and Wells, in the Northeastern Nevada backcountry known as Jarbidge Wilderness. Cottonwood Ranch Hunting Service has a sole use permit for half of the Jarbidge Wilderness. We also have access and the ability to hunt three-fourths of the Jarbidge, in total, so we can provide you with the best opportunity to find your bull.

Our professional guides on their sure-footed horses will take you and your gear to one of our remote wall tent camps nestled under 10,000 foot snow-covered peaks. With all of our horsepower at your disposal, we can cover vast amounts of country to find the animal you’re after.

We do a large portion of our guided hunts outside of the Wilderness. Northeastern Nevada is full of great opportunities for many species. Certain tag locations, late season hunt units, and animal movement makes the use of vehicles a more ideal resource to comb as much country as we can on your hunt. We have years of experience hunting in many different areas in our part of the state.

We also provide a drop camp service for those wanting to hunt independently but would like to spike camp into the mountains. Hunters provide their own camp gear and we will do the rest. Our packers will take you and your gear on a horse to a remote destination located within the mountains. Our Drop Camp price includes dropping you and your gear off, as well as picking it all up. Game Retrieval will be a separate service.

Your guides will provide the best hunting trip possible!

We’ve assembled the finest crew you’ve ever hunted with! From our guides, to our cooks, to our packers;
their dedication and professionalism will shine through every day of your hunt. Let us show you what over
180 years of combined experience hunting in the Jarbidge looks like.

Jason Molsbee has been guiding for Cottonwood Ranch Hunting Service for over 20 years. He came out deer hunting with his dad in 2000 and just forgot his way home. With his home base at Cottonwood Ranch, the Jarbidge is literally his back yard. He has extensive knowledge of the mountain, wildlife, and how to travel the country.

A master in what he loves best, Blain Jackson has a lifetime of experience in guiding. Blain has been guiding within the Jarbidge Wilderness and surrounding areas for over 28 years now. His knowledge of the land and animals are hard to match.


Let's Hunt

Our backcountry is the beautiful Jarbidge Wilderness, full of spectacular mountain scenery and unspoiled solitude. Nevada’s hunting remains one of the finest opportunities in the west, and the Jarbidge is still one of the least used wilderness’. This will be an adventure that you’ll never forget!

For information regarding Nevada Hunting Tags & Licenses, visit the Nevada Division of Wildlife’s website!

Elk Hunt

If you’re lucky enough to draw a tag in our area, you’re in for the hunt of your life.

Deer Hunt

Our Premium High Country pack-in Mule Deer Hunts are second to none!

Antelope & Bighorn Hunt

We have a great population of pronghorns in our portion of the state and one of the 4 units for Rocky’s right out our back door.

Varmint Hunt

Our Varmint hunts are a great opportunity to get out after a long winter and get a lot of shooting in.

Mountain Lion Hunt

Hunting mountain lions is an exciting sport and our top notch houndsman are experienced and tireless hunters who will ensure you a great hunt.


Our Past Adventures

Check out our previous hunt successes!

Explore Northeastern Nevada’s Jarbidge Wilderness for the
hunt of your life with Cottonwood Ranch Hunting Service!